Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 5 - Thursday: LANDS END

Ok, we're here!!

Another long, sunny day of West Country cycling, ending with the group rolling down into Lands End at sunset. Very happy to be here but also sorry it's all over. A great week with a great bunch of people.

Thanks go to my fantastic team-mates, and to everyone who has supported this ride with sponsorship, practical help or freebies. Special mention goes to Keith and Pauline for putting up 9 grubby cyclists on Tuesday night, Jan and David for bringing us pasta and cold beer en-route, and Marek's uncle for supplying TONS of food from his restaurant (plug: Luigi's in Arnold!) to keep us fed for the first two days on the road.

So, Andy - about that London to Istanbul trip...

Photos are in reverse order this time:


Rolling down the hill towards Lands End at sunset. Amazing.

St. Michael's Mount, halfway through a picturesque final leg

Phil patents new cooling device en-route

The long, straight road to Crowdy Reservoir

Van Tetris

Inside the belly of the beast: the back of the van/laundry after 4 days on the road

Final day cycling breakfast

Morning sunshine to start our last day


  1. Fantastic photos. Wel done guys! When's the next one:-)

  2. Yeah thoughts of going back the other way did come into our heads, well some of us anyway.... I'm looking to go abroad tbh