Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 2 - Monday: Aviemore to Carlisle

This post is a day late because yesterday (Monday) was so full-on. Between us,16 hours of being lashed by the elements, cursing the wind, rain and cold through gritted teeth.

Weather has been the biggest challenge, one way and another - making the riding tougher and filling up the vehicles with dripping lycra that never gets to properly dry out.

But we're still having fun, even if the laughter sometimes has a hysterical edge. We're also more well-drilled,and getting into a routine with changeovers, setting up camp and whatnot.


Morning: car park yoga, near Aviemore

The Daves pick out new outfits at the Gentlemens Country Clothing Hall

Evening: crossing the border at Gretna

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