Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 3 - Tuesday: winter to summer in an afternoon

Today saw us finally shake off the pounding rain of the mountains and join the summer that most of England has been having. The roads are flatter too. HAPPY CYCLISTS.

So, some pics:

6.15am, first leg of the day, Carlisle to Penrith

Marek as orange dot on the horizon

Roadside laundry

Being fed and looked after by Dave R's lovely dad and stepmum (thanks Keith and Pauline)


  1. Hi really hope today has gone well thinking of you and keep going you and the team are doing really fantastic - well done !!!!xxx mum

  2. by the way this last post was from louise's mum. have a great time and well done

  3. hi guys, mum here. finally got this working. Mum (louise's) xxx

  4. Love drying the clothes shot!