Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 4 - Wednesday: HEAT.

Shrewsbury to Taunton today.

Back in Scotland we longed for heat and dryness, now we have both. Today was all about powerful heat, cloudless skies and the increasingly slick nature of our 18-legged relay cycling operation. Life has been distilled to a simple mix of eating, drinking, camping and riding bikes. Add a growing sleep-debt into that picture and you can imagine our trance-like state. It feels like we're going feral and will have to relearn how to use cutlery and sleep in beds.

Anyway, another good day, ending with spag bol and cold beers courtesy of Andy's parents-in-law, Jan and David. Some nice early-evening riding in Somerset too. Here are some pics:

Evening riding in Somerset

Somerset apples: cider in the making

Arms as sticky graveyards for insects

Camp JOGLE set-up, penultimate night

After dinner round the campfire

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  1. Who needs the Olympics - your all GOLD winners in the eyes of everyone who has supported you and best of all the children and families that will be receiving some very very very well earned sponsor money xxxxxxxxx