Thursday, July 5, 2012

iPhone navigation of JoGLE solved!

Ok so you might have guessed that I'm getting into this mapping tech. big time (geography always was my fav subject).

Main news is that I've tested the iOS app that I found earlier on when writing the first post about no getting lost.

Motionx GPS is literally a stunning navigation app. Just got it on my iPad and had a play with it (iPhone version obviously much more appropriate for what we have in mind and is only 69p for a limited time).

Managed to get the same .gpx file into it as the android and download the route so no connection is needed while en route. Has audio too but is giving me bearings to waypoints rather than turns while I test in house. Interestingly does audio coaching aka runkeeper and has like loads of other sweat features...(esp. like the route tracking and sharing and bliss of an interface. Jsut shows how iOS apps are so far ahead of andriod). What a find!! Right geekery over, need sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Get some pretty photos on here guys - blog is looking a little technical!!

    Lots of yoga poses on the roadside and beautiful scenery will do..

    Good Luck :)